Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Saturdays

Based on the premise that pop music needed a “kick in the arse,” The Saturdays formed to make accessible pop music fit for the dance floor -- and they succeeded. Almost instantly after forming, the band landed opening spots for Girls Aloud and The Jonas Brothers, and performed at parties thrown by Perez Hilton and gay advocacy groups. All of this garnered them enough recognition to start landing top 10 hits of their own.

The Saturdays consist of some of the former members of S Club 8, and they’ve proven to be a pop powerhouse in their own right.

the saturdays release chasing lights
The Saturdays’ debut album, Chasing Lights, was released in October 2008. Receiving largely favorable reviews, the album climbed to No. 9 on the UK charts and spawned four top 10 singles. The album’s second single, “Up,” appeared in an advertising campaign for the TV series Ugly Betty.

the saturdays have big plans for 2009
In 2009, The Saturdays plan to release their second album. This time around, the girls are doing some of the songwriting and have told their fans to expect a more mature record. At this time, The Saturdays have yet to release any material in North America, but that's also in the works for 2009. Perhaps their biggest plan for this year, though, is their own headlining tour, which will be a first in the group’s short history.


"I don't go anywhere without my video camcorder, which drives everyone round the bend!"
- Mollie King of The Saturdays


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