Monday, May 18, 2009

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson's cd is finally here and of course the question is was it worth the wait and hype? I can say yes for the most part. 'Jennifer Hudson' offers songs that fit this woman's voice - there are no odd selections that will leave you scratching your head or have her reaching far out of her genre. Most of the songs showcase her vocal range with her hitting notes and doing runs that will have you on your feet and applauding in the privacy of your home or car. Is it perfect? Of course not, there are a few things that make it a bit drab and predictable but the good points outweigh the weaknesses and flaws.

The Good: The variety of the songs is the strength of the album. There's variety BUT her voice is never 'off' or subdued. In each song or within each style, the producers and the artist both find ways to keep things interesting and fresh. Unlike many artists, you can tell Hudson actually connected with the music and lyrics, which results in some really moving songs and fun moments. Stand-out tracks for me is the Beyoncé-esque 'If This Isn't Love' which is Hudson at her best in this pop ballad. 'Pocketbook' is also a winner with Hudson bringing out her sassy-edge that makes her endearing. Other tracks that left an impression were 'We Gon' Fight,' and 'Invisible' which contain lyrics many can relate to on some level.

The Bad: A lot of the mid-tempo or slower songs simply blend into one another. While her voice is always on spot, these songs just seem a bit boring because they sound similar. I would have liked to have heard her experiment and take a few more chances as she does on the song 'Pocketbook' but still, these seem a bit too safe and expected or predictable. While I can understand the inclusion of her song 'All Dressed In Love' from Sex and the City: The Movie, I feel like everyone in the world has heard the Dreamgirls track 'And I'm Telling You' and would have rather seen a new track entirely or a remix of the song.

A little dull and unbalanced in parts but in all, it's a good debut album that doesn't seem to be getting the 'spotlight' attention I think it should be. Check it out, you probably won't be let down.


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