Monday, May 18, 2009


Cons: I loved "Unpredictable," so I was expecting that same wine and dine romance to lap dance feel, but this album was more about dancing. Foxx has a beautiful voice, but it seems like he was impersonating someone else on "I Don't Need It," which wasn't really necessary. I hate the concept for "Just Like Me" because I'm so opposed to even the idea of singing about justifying cheating, but the video is funny as hell. Taraji Henson was the best choice to do that one, so that video makes me (kinda) like the song. "Number One"s beat was kinda annoying, but I liked the clap-friendly perspective of the song. Somehow I didn't expect Jamie Foxx to work with Lil' Wayne though, so that threw me. But then I hear lines from Foxx like "Got them hundred dollar bills/Girl, I don't rain/I hurricane" and it almost sounds like a singsongy rap. Noooo! Not another one. I like R&B singers that like to do R&B. What's up with Kanye West singing most of the verse to a T-Pain track on "Digital Girl"? "Blame It" sounded like it had a vocoder, but why? Foxx is robbing us of his natural and beautiful voice. I found him using a lot of simplistic lyrics, downgrading his voice a lot on this one, and how unfortunate is that because I'd buy an album from him easy in acapella.

Pros: I would've bought this album regardless because I love "She Got Her Own" and considering that wasn't a bonus track on Ne-Yo's album (you had to buy it on iTunes to get it), I had to have it. You couldn't even buy it as a single, and that song makes my spirit happy. That is absolutely my favorite song of 2008. I gave this CD four stars though because once you got to "Intuition Interlude," then he reminded me of the songs on his last CD and this album picked up immensely. I like those Foxx tracks that make you want to just reach over and hug your man for no reason other than being happy he's there.

One month later: Now that I've gotten over the surprise of Foxx's CD having a hip hop swagger with R&B soul, I really dig "Number One," "I Don't Need It" has an easy dance feel, and "Blame It" kinda grew on me. But I still say the songs after the interlude are far better, specifically "Overdose" and "Slow."


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