Monday, May 18, 2009

Forever in a Day

Ever since that fateful day on August 26, 2007 when Sean "Diddy" Combs announced that Brian, Que, Mike, Willie, and Robert had "made the band," DAY26 has been making their mark on R&B. Their debut album entered the Billboard at the #1 spot, the highest entry for a debut album from a male R&B group in the 17-year history of Soundscan. And now the Bad Boys of R&B are back to reclaim their own throne with their sophomore album, Forever In A Day. With production from some of the best in the game - from Babyface to Jermaine Dupri - DAY26 has delivered another album sure to satisfy their legions of fans and elevate contemporary R&B.

I was a little concerned at the beginning of this CD because I wasn't really into the first few songs minus the club bangers "Stadium Music" and "Imma Put It On Her," which I knew about from watching the show.

"Just Getting Started": That chorus with "we win-ning" and "we just gettin' started-started" is seriously annoying.

"Shawty Wat's Up": I liked the chorus with (Mike?) but I like Mike's voice on EVERYTHING. His voice stops me in my tracks. The song was common though, the regular braggadocio about a man pursuing a woman and not having much time for anything but some sexing.

"Think of Me" was okay. I liked Q's high note at the end, and it's a pretty song, but it wasn't one of those songs I want to hear again. Neither was "Perfectly Blind," "Reminds Me of You," "Truth Is a Lie" (didn't like Will's voice on this one, or maybe it's the lyrics that didn't get me) and "Then There's You" are all rather sappy and forgettable.

"Bipolar" was entertaining for me, especially with all the craziness Day 26 had this season with one member. That's actually one of my favorite songs, and anybody who has been in a relationship has been through these up/down moments.

"So Good" is my favorite song on the entire CD, although "Babymaker" and "Stadium Music" come very close behind. I really like Will's voice on every song too. I've always thought Q's voice was cool, but I was never startled by him. On this song, Q's voice sounds at its best. I like the collaboration between Q and Will together. They definitely picked the right two for this track.

"Girlfriend" is a weird song to me because I read somewhere that Will was married, although he said he had a "girlfriend" on last night's episode. (That cat is VERY funny. "Oh my gawd" and the other impersonations always crack me up.) And Brian is married. It just seemed awkward for men at their age looking for girlfriends. Shouldn't it be wives? Dawn and Q are 2.5 seconds from a wedding aisle from what it looks like anyway, and he's the youngest member.

"Babymaker": Anytime you need someone to sing the 'sexy' part of the song, PLEASE pick Will at all times. Beautiful! The chorus made this song. I might go see them live just to see them dance to this particular cut. I really like Rob's voice when he's singing regularly, but I can't stand the runs and the almost-screaming parts. (Note: I may be alone on this one because you hear this all the time in black churches.)

"Need That" starts off cool in the chorus and Jermaine Dupri always gives the heat in the chorus. I LOVE Brian's voice, but after he stops singing, the song kinda falls off. The chorus and that electric beat aren't for me.

"Your Heels" should be the second single, especially if somebody like Tyra Banks gets her hand on it. This could easily rock out a fashion show song. I know I started switching involuntarily while listening to it walking down the street. The beat, chorus, and lyrics work so well together. Will is kinda scream-singing on this song, but for some odd reason, I like it. And Mike comes in bringing the heat again too.


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