Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heather Mills has charity request snubbed

Heather Mills claims her request to donate money to charity was rejected.

The former model was asked to promote a computer game featuring a one-armed hero but when she asked the manufacturers to give her fee to a good cause they reportedly turned her down.

Heather - who lost her left leg below the knee in a motorbike accident in 1993 - wrote on her social networking website Twitter: "Got offered to promote an amputee bionic computer game, from a wealthy computer games company I said if you donate a large sum to charity.

"The stingy company came back saying they couldn't, what happened to charitable businesses, seems they just want to exploit and give nothing."

It was previously claimed Heather - the ex-wife of Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney - demanded a six-figure fee to front Capcom's 'Bionic Commando' advertising campaign.

She also reportedly incensed game bosses requesting her likeness be included in the game.

A source said: "She was insistent she wouldn't do it for a smaller fee and said the producers should make her the star.

"The request was way, way over their budget and they certainly weren't keen on basing the game on her."


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