Saturday, May 23, 2009

Graham Coxon bans fans from Twitter

Graham Coxon has blasted Blur fans.

The 40-year-old guitarist - who is set to reunite with the band for a series of shows this summer - has banned his followers on social networking site Twitter from asking about the group, insisting their questions are dull.

He wrote: "dumbo questions about blur will result in blockage, dont bother, its boring (sic)."

Graham launched the rant after he was subjected to a series of strange questions by one of his fans.

In the first, Danomind wrote: "midlife?? Midwife?? Midlife Crisis at 40? U kidding? Did you choose the name? Please shed some light! (sic)."

Already losing patience with him, Graham replied: "did i choose the name? are you mad?? there are 4 people in the group, theres a management company, a record label....blaah (sic)."

Danomind then appeared to criticise Blur, writing: "ps there's nothing for us fansters :( hope there'll be more (sic)."

A confused Graham was forced to admit he had no idea what the comment referred to, prompting Danomind to explain: "um...guess not, the name doesn't matter much anyways, baah, who needs record companies nowadays?? Baah, 40 is not old mr!

"no live demos or anything, just good ol tracks.except course we'll buy it anyways, being total completists! For the new fans! (sic)."


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